Thursday, April 7, 2011


My daughter has a thing about bracelets. She loves them. And she has a huge collection of them. On any given day, you never know what she will be sporting. And how many. She never wears just one either. She said she feels naked without them. It was a real trial in the hospital when they made her remove them. But as soon as she felt better, she was putting them back on. On one of our short trips across the road to find something to eat, her dad and I added to her collection from one of the local Wal-Marts. She loved all of the sets that we bought her! Imagine that!

We also added to her sock collection. She loves wild socks!!! And never wears the same set on any given day. She will always be seen with two mis-matched socks on. As one of my friends says (the local salon owner), she said that Tianna is a trend-setter here at school. Everyone is always trying to match her style. You should see all of the girls, young and old, that wear mis-matched socks each day to school.

Now, I haven't shown it yet, but Tianna recently got her hair highlighted as part of her birthday present. Instead of getting blond highlights, which is what I allow, she begged and begged for a few darker ones. So...that's what she got this time. They are along her bangs on one side. When I picked her up from the salon this week, the owner said she'll be waiting for all the phone calls from other mom's to get their girls' hair highlighted like Tianna's. She loves it as it gives her lots of business whenever Tianna tries something new. Tianna doesn't like it, as she hates it when everyone copies her look.


  1. her bracelets are so cool..

  2. lol. she thinks so too! she's a bracelet girl!