Monday, April 25, 2011

Multi Colored Scarf

I had a few bits and pieces left of four skeins of Simply Soft. So...I used them to make another potato chip scarf to accompany the watermelon hat. (The watermelon hat...color not style....was a previous unfinished project, but I found another skein of yarn in my stash so I could complete it.) I used these colors of Simply Soft....grape, watermelon, blue mint and limelight. I finished both of these items up today.


  1. Love this scarf!!! I think all of them are nice. You certainly can churn them out. Another pattern to add to my collection of "Must Makes". I have to finish the lacy baby shawl I am knitting before I can tackle anything else. It is so fine and getting larger so it takes me about 15 mins to complete one row and because it is lacy I really have to pay attention to the pattern. I am hoping to get it done before the baby arrives in July! but I think it will be touch and go. You should see me when I have to take out a row. Not HAPPY!

  2. beautiful color combination!

  3. jen, the lacy baby shawl sounds lovely! i love those lacy patterns, but they sure take concentration!
    glad you like the scarves. they are really quick to make. i crochet fairly fast anyway, but when i'm worried, i crochet even more. and i'm worried lately. i will post why on the group soon.
    thanks for the great comments! i love them!

  4. thanks debra! i was trying to pick out some bright, happy colors for the scarf. i had some of each of the colors left over, so i thought "why not".