Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Success!!!

The white Head Huggers Crochet Pattern 3, aka The Slouchy Hat, is a huge success here in town. Tianna wore it to school today and EVERYONE wants one now. She told me that they couldn't believe that her mom made it for her. She just said that a facebook friend from California asked where she bought it so she could buy one. Tianna got a kick out of that. She's requested that I make her one in light blue next and then she'll tell me the other colors that she wants after that. She has also stated that I need to make a bunch of them to put in my craft booth in October. I guess I need to do that! Who ever knew that a botched attempt at a pattern would turn into such a big success! Woo Hoo! I almost ripped it out. I'm glad I didn't do that now.

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