Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Kids...

You know, I got to thinking a bit ago, while I was typing my last post. I was you know my kids nicknames that I have for them. I use them intermittenly in my posts and I am probably confusing everyone. So let me take a moment to clarify.

Josh is my oldest son. We call him Medium J most of the time. Everyone in town knows him as Epp. When he was younger they called him JoshE (Joshie). He is 5 foot 10 3/4 inches tall until he puts his boots on.

Chance is my youngest son. We call him Big C almost 100% of the time. However, he is also known by the names Chancetopher, Chanceamillion, and Chauncey. He is also called Big Guy by some of the kids at school. Particularly at the ball games. He is over 6 feet tall and still growing.

Tianna is my daughter and also the youngest child. She is called Small T, Bird, Birdie, TT, Sissy and Shortcake. I mostly call her Bird or Birdie. But, I have been known to call her Small T as well. I guess it depends on how much I'm thinking about it when I'm talking about her. She is 4 foot 10 inches tall and hasn't grown in a year. She's bummed out about this most days.

The nicknames Medium J, Big C, and Small T refer to their height. Can you tell?

So there is a quick introduction to my three kids and their various nicknames. Hope you enjoyed it!

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