Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rolls, Rolls and More Rolls

Aren't these lovely photos? LOL I meant to take photos of the rolls last night when I was working on the first 140 of them. But, I forgot. Anyway... this is a quick story that will probably turn into a long story. A friend of mine called me yesterday afternoon. She was supposed to bring 250 dinner rolls to Prom tonight. But, her mom (in Louisiana) took gravely ill and she needed to catch a flight out. Could I please make the 250 rolls for her. I said yes. What else could I do? Honestly. I've been in her situation (sort of) before. So...the first two photos showing the foil wrapped rolls were finished up last night. I knew I wouldn't be able to get them all done this morning. The last three trays that I have proofing right now should be finished by 1:30 this afternoon. I need to have them at school at 4. Not bad! I will have them done in plenty of time! Granted, I had major doubts last night. So I called in re-inforcements. My sister Marie. The restaurant cook. She had some great advice for me plus 4 industrial sized baking sheets. Whew! I could get 35 rolls per sheet. If I was using my little cookie sheets, I'd have been baking them for a lot longer period of time. Thanks Marie for all your help! I knew you'd come in handy!


  1. Makes me hungry!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. i know! everyone is wanting to eat them and i'm not letting them! lol

  3. THAT is a huge task! I bake breads every fall and winter, and I know what all goes into a project like this, you did a wonderful thing here Shelly!

  4. thanks debra! it ended up taking a total of 10 hours to make and bake them all. i timed it! and i don't regret doing it. i would help out any friend in need if i possibly could.