Thursday, December 17, 2009

Latest Crochet Projects

In the last week, I have finished three crochet projects.....2 Christmas stockings (for a niece and a nephew) and a "Luna Lovegood Scarf" for my daughter. The pattern for the stockings is here and the pattern for the scarf is here . Both are free patterns. With these projects finished, I have now completed my 2009 list of items to crochet. Yippee! *doing a little dance* For your viewing pleasure, here is a photo of the finished "Luna Lovegood Scarf".

I have started my 2010 list of things to crochet now. I know, I's still several weeks off, but I'd like to be prepared. My list is already growing by leaps and bounds. At the very top of the list though, is a bunch of baby items that I want to make for my niece who's expecting in May. In the end though, I will probably only make some blankets and booties for the new baby. I don't know if I have the patience to do some jackets and hats. I will just have to see if I can find a pattern that "inspires" me. The rest of my list consists of different afghan patterns that I am dying to try. Probably the one that's foremost in my mind is the one called the Magic-ghan. Basically, it's where you crochet a basic pattern holding two yarns together with the two yarns being a solid color and the other color being a magic ball of yarn that is made up of all your scraps tied together. Another pattern that I really want to try is for an American Indian inspired afghan. Since my husband and my two youngest children are of the American Indian heritage, it's only fitting that I make one of these. I'm also going to do afghans that are in the ripple pattern, the basketweave pattern, and a patchwork pattern. I also decided that these afghans would be staying in my household instead of being given away like I usually do. I have never made an afghan for my husband so this is going to be the year that I do so. Has anyone else started a list for 2010 of the craft projects that they are wanting to do?

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