Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Christmas Shopping is Finished!!!

My Christmas Shopping is Finished!!! Yippee! I even have everything wrapped and either under the tree or hidden in my bedroom. I cannot believe I'm so organized this year! I'm very proud of myself. This feeling has me inspired to change my tactics for 2010 and the Christmas shopping. My pledge for the new year will be: I will try my hardest to shop through the year so it won't be caught unawares at the last minute. I realize that with having older children, not everything can be purchased early in the year. However, I have already started their "wish list" for 2010 just by listening to them talk about things that they are interested in or things that are their favorites and wish they had. Now, I only have to keep this up in the coming year and do a bit of shopping here and there and I will be one prepared mother in 2010!

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