Monday, January 18, 2010

What I've Been Up To...

Well, I finally found my crochet hook today, thanks to my daughter. She reluctantly volunteered (pressured by me) to look under the sectional sofa area where the recliners are for stray socks, etc. (wonder how they get there???) and she came out from under there with my gold "G" crochet hook. Hallelujah! So I'm back to crocheting on baby afghan #4.

I also got my husband (after many days of nagging) to finally go out to the garages since the snow is finally starting to melt away and get out all the Christmas boxes so I could take down all the decorations from Christmas. This includes the tree. I know, I know....I couldn't believe we still had it up at this date either, but we've had loads of snow since Christmas and I didn't want anyone having to do a lot of shoveling just to get to the boxes. But, we now have everything down that is Christmas related, except for the lights outside. Those will have to wait until Spring when the guys can get on the roof.

I also cleaned off the book shelves on my side of the fireplace (built in shelves on both side for my husband and one side for me) so I could add a lot more books that the family got for Christmas presents or at the Jan. 1st book shopping expedition. I have to say that our personal library is expanding fairly rapidly. I may have to beg my husband for the use of some of the shelves on his side of the fireplace before too much longer.

My daughter cleaned out her closet and her dresser today and anything that didn't fit or that she wasn't interested in wearing anymore has now been bagged up (by me) to be taken to the Sheltered Workshop in the next town over.

And something else that I've done, but didn't do today, was to read these two books that I blogged about earlier in the week........from the Sookie Stackhouse series.......

All Together Dead
From Dead to Worse

My husband and I also went on an unplanned shopping trip this past Saturday to a bigger town to look for some of the clothes we will be needing on the cruise. We've got all our Cruise Formal clothing now and we'll need to work on some shorts and short sleeved shirts when they come out in the stores sometime in February. Plus I have a few other things like shoes to look for as well.

Other than that, we've been doing the normal household cleaning stuff like laundry and dishes and every now and then fitting in something else that needed to be cleaned up. Otherwise, I've been being lazy this past weekend. What has everyone else been up to?

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