Thursday, January 14, 2010

This weeks dinner far

I thought I would post this week's dinner menu (so far). I am going to work backwards from today as I won't remember it otherwise. It's been a weird week for meals as we are trying to clean some odd bits from the freezers so we have room for the hog that is now ready to be picked up at the butcher's. Between the whole beef and the hog, we have little freezer space left for the necessary items like chicken, fish, and any frozen veggies, etc..

Thursday - Shake and Bake Chicken Breasts, cornbread dressing/stuffing, brussel sprouts
*This was a treat as we've not had anything shaked and baked in ages. We did use the store brand instead of the expensive name brand stuff. Doing so, saved 74 cents per box and we used two boxes.

Wednesday - Leftover night and also the night you could microwave anything out of the freezer that was in an already opened box or package. Like burrito's.

Tuesday - Baked pork chops, Rice A Roni (generic), a bag of frozen carrots thrown in with a partial bag of frozen California Blend veggies.
*The pork chops were a treat as we've not had any pork for several months now. I refuse to pay the price for pork in the store when we can get it so much cheaper through the butcher's. But, they weren't doing hogs at the butcher's until January, so we had to wait. But my hubby couldn't wait any longer and he bought the chops at the local store. Yikes! Very expensive....2 packages for a total of $20. One package might have fed the 7 of us, but we use the leftovers for lunches, etc., so he bought and cooked two packages.

Monday - Baked chicken legs, thighs, and a couple of leftover boneless, skinless breasts, Four Cheese mashed potatoes, Peas and Carrots.

Sunday - Fettucini with Garlic Butter sauce and fresh steamed Cauliflower and Broccoli mixed in.

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