Monday, January 25, 2010

Something Different For A Change

Well.....I decided a few moments ago that I am tired of working with the baby yarn at this time. So....I went through my yarn stash in the closet to see what all I had and how much of each color and I decided to do a big blanket for when we are freezing to death at the baseball games here in the Spring. Let me tell you, it gets COLD. Our school colors are black, red and white and I have quite a bit of each of those colors but if I should run out, I know that the dimestore here in town carries each of these. So I won't have to travel to buy some more.
I'm using this pattern (again) and modifying it to my needs. This is the pattern I use for the Ugly Duckling Blankets. It is a free pattern found on Craft Bits. What modifications am I making? Well, first off....I'm using three strands of yarn held together instead of two. I'm needing something good and warm. Then, to make sure it's plenty big enough for at least me and my daughter to snuggle under, I chained 128 instead of 64. This is quite big! I am undecided on the number of rows that I will do, but I will just have to play it by ear. This is a very easy pattern and the three skeins of yarn held together make it very bulky. Perfect for what I'm wanting. I will post a photo of the beginning of the afghan here in a little while. That way you can see what it's looking like. For future reference....I will call this my Sports Blanket.

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