Friday, January 15, 2010

We're Going On A Cruise...

the last day of February to several ports in Mexico. We'll be gone 7 days. I've never been on a cruise before so it should be quite an experience. I have been on an airplane, but not since 1987. I'm a bit nervous about the ship and the airplane, but I guess I'll just take a bunch of dramamine with me and hope for the best. I get air/motion sick sometimes.
This trip is just for my husband and I. We'll be leaving all the kids at home under the supervision of my youngest sister and probably my mom as well. I hope that we have a house to come home to when it's all over with. LOL
We called over to the post office see about getting our passports and we were told that it would be around $60 each. When we went to get them today, we called ahead again to make sure that they were open, and found out that it's $195 each. Good grief! Obviously, they need to get their heads on straight as we've had two different prices in two days.
We will also need to go shopping for some clothes, shoes, etc. to fill out our wardrobes as we will have to dress for dinner each night on the ship. Other than that, we've pretty much got everything else we might need, other than a haircut.
My husband is really looking forward to the cruise, which was his idea, so I will be happy about it no matter what happens. He even booked us a fishing excursion when we get to one of the ports. So we are supposed to be going deep sea fishing somewhere. This is something else I've never done. So this trip will be taking care of a bunch of "firsts" for me.

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  1. OH Shelly that will be so much fun for you and Kenny. Warm as well. You have been through so much in the last few years that you deserve to be spoiled. I hope you just relax and enjoy every moment of it.