Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Great Crochet Blog

I never post about blogs that I like, and I don't know why. One of my very favorite crochet blogs is THE DIARY AND BLOG OF A CRAZY CROCHETING FOOL and here is the link for it. She has some great ideas and free patterns. My favorite one of hers is the Magic Ball Afghan. It's wonderful for using up all that scrap yarn.

I hope she doesn't mind, but basically, here is what she does:

Magic Afghans
Made with two strands of yarn held together. One main color and one magic ball (big ball of scraps of yarn tied together).
(a magic ball is just a bunch of yarn in different colors,no order or sequence rolled into a ball)
This uses a N hook

chain 104 stitches
single crochet in each stitch across
ch 2 turn, double crochet in each stitch across
ch 1 turn, single crochet in each stitch across
repeat those two rows until the afghan is as big as you would like it.

**Remember, this is not my belongs to her....and make sure to give her credit where credit is due.***

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