Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sweater Coat

I'm pretty popular around town because I'm the one that makes all the crocheted baby items.  I've been getting a lot of requests lately for sweaters and blankets and I had a lady (Mrs. R, retired school librarian) catch me in the ladies restroom at Wal-Mart on Tuesday and ask for a pink or white sweater.  I had a few white ones on hand, so I bought a skein of pink baby yarn before I left so I could make her one.
 I started it last night while watching Survivor.
Finished up the sleeves and sewed on the buttons this morning and now it's ready to go.
I used Bernat Baby Sport yarn in Pink and an H hook.  
The buttons are 2 "clear" pink ones out of my sewing basket.
I used this pattern called the Sweater Coat.

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