Saturday, April 6, 2013

At the track...

Even though it was nice outside today (a whole 66 degrees F at 11 a.m.), it was windy out.
Small T wanted to go walk the track and I was OBLIGATED to go.  Dang it.
 So here I am...getting ready to walk the track at the school.  I'm glad I had my slouchy hat on.  My ears were a bit cold.  LOL  
When I took this photo...Small T said, "quit being conceited, Mom".  LOL  She's the queen of modeling for photos that she takes of herself!
So here I am, on my first lap around the track.  I managed to walk a mile and she ran one more lap while I ran about half a lap.  By then, she was winded, and so was I, so she called it a day.  I'm glad she did.  LOL