Friday, April 19, 2013

My Nephew

At our school, the Sophomores (10th graders) have to take Child Development Class as part of their curriculum.  My nephew and Small T are in the same grade, so I've been lucky to get a few photos of my nephew's experiences in that class.
 Small T is giving Awan some much needed support while he's wearing the pregnancy vest.  This is one of my favorite photos right now.  It's so cute that they are supporting his "belly" together.
And here he is this week, with his computerized Baby.  They get them for 2 days of 24 hour care.  At the end of those 2 days, they print out the feedback off the computer of how he did taking care of the baby.  Once in a while, there is a student that actually has their baby "die" so I hope he isn't one of those this year.

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