Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oops! (again)

Remember my "Newest Project"?  The baby sized version of the Living Room Afghan?  The one that I ran out of yarn on?  The one that I lucked out and found more yarn for on Sunday?  Well, I've got a problem.  It seems that the yarn (Lion Brand Pound of Love in White) doesn't match up.  Yep...the dye lots are different enough in color (imagine that....for White yarn) that when I started crocheting with the new skein it's extremely NOTICEABLE.  *sigh*  After mulling it over for awhile, I finally decided to just make the whole thing over with the "new" yarn.  So...the top piece in the photo is the "old" yarn and the bottom piece in the photo is the "new" yarn.  I ended up making the new piece a bit smaller simply because I thought the old one was a bit too big.  So...I will be frogging the old one and seeing what I can make with it.  What a pain in the rear.  But it's been a good learning experience for me.  I seriously didn't think that White yarn differed a lot in color.  Now I know better.

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