Thursday, December 27, 2012

Prep Time

Today, I'm spending some time getting ready for my new segment that starts in January.  It's the "Grocery Challenge" segment.  I'm going to set a limit on my weekly grocery money and then post what I bought and what meals I made out of it.  I've been researching and compiling recipes as well as saving my store sale circulars for the month of December so I can hopefully track sale items.  I will also list what items I have in my pantry and freezers at the start of this segment.  In the photo above, you can see my pile of sale circulars.  I am working on my "price book" today.  I'm writing down all the items we normally use and then listing any sales on them by week.  This will be a learning challenge for me as well as a savings challenge.  I hope to learn a lot by doing this as well as helping others save some money too.


  1. good for you ..cant wait to hear more about it..its always good to save a few bucks here and there..

  2. thanks lulu! with a two in high school, one of which is a senior, there are always a lot of extra expenses, which are a killer on the checkbook. so...i've got to come up with ways to save more money. i'm hoping this grocery challenge will keep that part of our life in line a bit more.