Sunday, December 23, 2012

Good Morning!

It's so good to be back posting on here.  It feels like I've been gone for AGES.
I'm sharing the photo below, which I call "The Flu 2012".  This started off the last two weeks of craziness in our household.  In the photo, they are exhausted from being so sick and couldn't stand another minute of being in their rooms alone.  They needed some "mommy time" even though they were sound asleep.
I didn't have a single clue that the flu was getting ready to hit our house "big time".  Big C and I had to attend a scholarship and grants workshop after school on that Wednesday, and by the time we got home, Big C was quite ill.  He'd been vomiting, etc. for about 2 hours when Small T started in.  I swear, I haven't cleaned so much vomit since they were little kids.  It was horrible!  They had to attend school on that Friday since both of them were in the school play on Saturday, but it was a real stretch trying to get them to be able to go to school without being ill.
I started feeling sickly on that Thursday evening.  By that Saturday morning, in the wee hours of the night, I was so sick that I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.  Then Big Daddy started being sick as well.  It was about 7 am that morning, during a vomiting episode, that Big Daddy had a heart attack.  I won't go into the details, but it was extremely scary.  Big Daddy has been home since this past Wednesday.  He's still not feeling well at all, but at least he's not a long way away from us anymore.  We are doing our absolute best to take care of him.  We'd like to keep him around for many, many years yet.
Anyway, that's my update on my family and illness during the past two weeks.  I've got to travel for a bit today, but once I get back home, I hope to catch up on a few more posts.  See you soon!

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