Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Special Olympics Scarves

I mailed out the Special Olympics scarves today. I sent them in a flat rate Priority Mail box for $5.10 and they will arrive in two days. I think it was a pretty good price even though I only spent $2.23 on each skein of yarn (one skein each of two colors). I just can't believe that you can make things cheaper than you can mail them! And the prices are supposed to be going up soon.
One thing I wanted to point out was that I used one skein of each of the colors (blue and turqua) and after making two scarves, I think I still had enough to make one more. That's not bad! I just wish I'd had more time and then I would have attempted the third scarf.
I sent an email to the Special Olympics Yarn Project and got a reply. I was asking when the 2012 guidelines would be posted and they said it would be after the 2011 Special Olympics were held. So, I'll be looking to see when the new guidelines are posted so I can up my up my donation next year.

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