Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Christmas Planner (scrapbooking)

I wanted to post another page from my "book". The first photo shows my idea. The second photo shows my finished product. This project is my Christmas planner, which was done with scrapbooking materials. I had made two of these, one of these for my sister, Annie, and one for myself. Annie's was much more embellished with a lighter color scheme. I wanted something simpler. However, I do not have a photo of my sister's planner. I wish I did. These were made out of one subject spiral notebooks.


  1. HI SHelly, I love your new blog background. Now to the planner. I have read your instructions and am wondering why you had to fold all the pages in half. Was it simply to have a narrow book or was there a reason to have them opening up full size? I guess I must be missing something. Love your baby afghans.

  2. Jen, I folded the book in half because I wanted a smaller book. That's the only reason. It would fit better in my purse that way.
    I have used the full sized notebook and decorated the front nicely with scrapbooking materials, then gave them as gifts to the pre-teen girls for Christmas and birthdays.
    Thanks for the great comment on my baby afghans!