Sunday, January 9, 2011

Peace Sign Charity Squares

I decided to take a break from crocheting baby sweaters and work on a few Peace Sign Charity Squares. The pattern is a free charity pattern and can be found on Smooth Fox's blog.
The first one I made is the multi-colored yarn square. You just can't see the design of the peace sign using that yarn though. Then I made another one using royal blue yarn. The peace sign can be seen easily on that one. So, I will need to make these using a solid color yarn.
I went to the Trinity London website to get colors for the squares as each color represents something. For example, the royal blue that I used could stand for several things including colon cancer and drunk driving. Both of those things are something I would donate squares to. I would like to make squares in several of the colors for donation and then make the same squares for an afghan to keep here at home. There are 12 colors/meanings/causes that affect my immediate family and it would mean something to me to use all of the colors in one afghan. The square that I made using the multi-colored yarn was an attempt to make it look like a jigsaw puzzle colored square which represents autism. It's a shame it doesn't work out right as I have an austistic person in my family.
I thought about making something other than an afghan with them as well. I figured I could put a couple of extra rows of white around the outside to make the square 14 inches (or a little bit bigger even) and then I could put a pillow form between two of the squares and have a two-sided pillow that the teen girls in my family would like.
In any event, I plan to do a few more of these squares for donation and then a few for here at home.

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