Saturday, January 1, 2011

Crochet Hooks're probably thinking that this might be a strange post. It could be. lol Actually, this is another topic that has come up in a conversation between Erin and I. I have "issues" at times with my crochet hooks when I am using a difficult yarn to work with. My saving grace in these circumstances are my two "older" hooks that I have from when I was a child. They are by Susan Bates, just like my newer hooks, but they are made differently. I'm showing three photos of these hooks to try and spotlight the differences. The red hook is a newer Susan Bates hook. The other two are my "older" hooks. Can you see the differences between them? I think the different "knob" on the end makes the older hooks "glide" better through the yarn when you are working with a more difficult yarn.

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