Saturday, January 1, 2011

Embroidery (of a sort)

Well, let's start the new year out by featuring something I seldom talk about.....embroidery. Well, embroidery of a sort. This post and the other embroidery ones, are brought to you via Erin, who requested seeing these little "works of art". Erin crochets when it's cold and embroiders when it's warm.
The first photo shows a wall hanging that I need to iron and frame. It depicts all the "kids", meaning my brother and sisters. With the appropriate hair and eye color for each of them. This type of embroidery is what I call my "primitive embroidery" family portraits. I've done one for each of my sister's as well. My favorite one is called "the allan's" and shows my two nephews and their dog, all of which share the same middle name.....allan.
The second photo is just a little thing I did for my bedroom to dress it up.
The third photo shows the primitive embroidery featuring my kids. It's also on my bedroom wall.
So tell me....what do you all think of these things? Be honest.

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