Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Healthy in 2011

My family has made a resolution for this year. We are going to try and get healthy in 2011.

Some of the changes we are going to make are:

1. Eat more vegetables and fruit. We do a pretty good job of this now, but we will be making more of an effort to do better.

2. Watch our portions and try to get them under control. This will also include the plate theory of half the plate should be vegetables and salad, one fourth of the plate for meat, and the other fourth should be the starch. Extra helpings should be of the salad and vegetables and if you are still hungry after that, then a small helping of meat. Our kids are very active and still growing, so this is important.

3. Drink less soda. Drink more water. (This is where I will struggle.)

4. Get more exercise. We walk the track in the summer but we will start walking the hallways at the school while they are having ball practice during the winter. We also swim during the summer as I work at the pool.

5. Eat more whole foods or clean foods. We are doing this as one of our kids has Metabolic Syndrome X. This means cooking from scratch more and using less processed foods.

Has anyone else made any New Year's Resolutions?

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