Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Learned Something...

I've always thought you couldn't wash and dry pillows. I've tried it out over the years and the pillows came out of the dryer all bunched up toward one end. Well, let me tell can definitely wash and dry pillows. I have finally figured it out! A real TA DA!!! moment along life's road. Here's what I've learned. First, wash the pillows on the delicate cycle with two pillows per load. I know, it's a waste of water, but's not like I wash bunches and bunches of them in one day. Then, dry them in the dryer on the air fluff cycle. When you pull them out, if they aren't comepletely dry, try drying them again, or lie them out to dry on a surface suitable for it. They look wonderful. They aren't bunched up along one end or twisted or anything like that. This is going to save me a lot of money in one respect...I won't have to purchase new pillows for everyone (several times a year) unless they become to flat to be used. Even then, two pillows put together in a pillow case, will still work in a pinch. But I happen to love those flat pillows, so they would always be welcome in my bedroom.

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