Saturday, November 20, 2010


This post is about hangers. You know, those things you hang your clothes on. Every week, when I'm doing laundry, I'm searching and searching for hangers. I check everyone's closets...except for Tianna's. It's taboo to enter her closet, for some reason. Well...this past Thursday, she wasn't home and I needed hangers desperately. So I opened her closet and I was astonished!!! She had half of the closet rod full of empty hangers. I pulled them all out, called to my husband to come and see the treasure I had found....and then I counted them. Guess how many there were??? Yep...106!!! No wonder I've been having trouble finding hangers when I'm doing the laundry. Now what do you suppose she was hording them for??? It makes you wonder, doesn't it? When she came home, she was very unhappy with me for raiding her closet. She wouldn't speak to me about it either, as she was upset. So she still has no idea that I pulled "106 hangers" out of her closet. LOL

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