Friday, September 10, 2010

Tiny Hearts Blanket

I made these two blankets this week. They are off the Tiny Hearts Blanket pattern found here . This makes a beautiful blanket, but unfortunately, the pattern isn't correct. I worked the first blanket and wrote down the correct pattern as I went. Then I crocheted the second blanket using those instructions. If you sit down with the pattern though, it's easy to figure it out. I made these using Red Heart yarn in the color Cornmeal and put a border on it using some of the yarn out of my scrap bag. The first blanket is edged with sc all the way around putting 3 sc in the corner. The second blanket is edged using sc for the first two rows and the third row is sc, ch 3, all the way around to give it a more feminine appearance. By the way, the different color for the border was suggested by a friend of mine, Erin. I'm glad she had this idea because I was stuck on how to make the blanket seem not so plain. Thanks a bunch Erin!!! I gotta give credit where credit is due, ya know? Anyway, don't be afraid to try this pattern out. Just make sure you have some time to figure it out as you go.

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