Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mystery Project

I took a break from making all the baby things and decided to try a new pattern that I found. It looked really interesting and is a scrap buster pattern as well. You can't really see all the details of the special stitches in this photo, but it turned out really funky and crazy, which is what I like. The pattern is called the Stash Slasher Sampler Tote and can be found here . Since I've been using up all of my yarn stash, I was limited on what colors I had left. That's why this bag turned out in orange, red, a bit of yellow, and a variegated red, orange and yellow yarn. The pattern comes in two sizes, large and small. And I like this bag enough that I am thinking of making the smaller version for one of my nieces for Christmas. She's a bag loving girl!