Sunday, September 26, 2010

Make The Most Of Your Figure

If you are Apple Shaped:
  • Draw attention from your middle by playing up your legs and bust.
  • Try an allover pattern to glide over problem areas.
  • Create an outfit using different shades of the same hue.
If you are Boyish Shaped:
  • Seek out garments that create curves.
  • Select fitted tops and jackets.
  • Collect a variety of belts and use them to emphasize your waist.
If you are Curvy:
  • Direct the eye to your waist.
  • Slip on a slim-cut skirt that tapers to the knee.
  • Stick with styles that follow the lines of your body, so you don't look boxy.
If you are Pear Shaped:
  • Wear lighter colors on top to downplay your lower half.
  • Avoid pants and skirts that add volume with patch pockets, pleats or belts.
  • Choose interesting necklines that keep the attention on your face.

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