Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Father/Daughter Moment

My husband was sharing a cute story with me today. He and our daughter had four hours of togetherness in the truck on the way to the state park last Friday. Tianna looked over at him and said "Dad, do you know how you have road rage?" And he said "yes". And she said "Well, I have radio rage. You know how the radio goes all fuzzy in the middle of a good song....well it makes me so freaking mad". LOL He has had a good smile from this every day since then. LOL Although he did say that she almost drove him nuts with the constant channel changing of the radio. Four whole hours of it. I guess I lucked out. I had Chance in the truck with me and we listened to his I-pod all the way there. He didn't have much to say either, unless he was pointing out all the different types of plants we passed along the side of the roadways.

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