Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Froggy Cardigan and Cap

Here is a photo of the green cardigan and cap that I made tonight. I need to add buttons yet. Wait until I show up at Wal-Mart for buttons....I have quite a list of them to purchase. I used Bernat Baby Bee yarn in the color "froggy". I bought this over a year ago on clearance and I used almost the entire skein on this project. It's a small skein, by the way. The pattern is off the Bella Bambina site and I have a link to it in an earlier post of mine.


  1. You are certainly a quick crocheter. How do you get so much done in a day along with everything else you must do? I have a friend who loves to knit and is very quick. We call her the lean, mean, knitting machine. She is neither lean or mean but certainly a knitting machine.

    I am going to try some of these patterns when I have finished the jacket I am making. Have finished the back and started the front.
    Well one half of the front.

  2. Thank You Jen and Alma! Jen, I guess I just crochet pretty quick. That's the only explanation for how I can get them done so fast.