Sunday, November 24, 2013

Meet The Wildcats

Every year, before the official start of the high school basketball season, the school holds an event called "Meet The Wildcats".  It's where the girls and the boys teams are introduced and then they hold a small exhibition game for each team.  There are even a few games using audience participation.  I was chose for one of those this year.  No surprise there.  I get chosen a LOT.  lol  This year, I don't have any basketball players (since Big C graduated last year) but I do have a lovely little cheerleader....Small T.
 Here she is.
 She's 2nd from the right in this photo.
 All the way to the right in this one.
And all the way to the right, once again.
So...this year, I will be sharing lots and lots of cheerleading photos instead of my usual mix of basketball and cheerleading.  Brace yourself.  lol

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