Sunday, November 24, 2013

Working on...

Today, I'm working on a few Christmas presents.  I finished the pillow earlier and now I'm adding the finishing touches to "Super D".
 She's looked like this for several days now.  She has sat patiently on the end table next to my recliner...waiting and waiting for some attention.  After consulting with my WitchDoctor Nurse ... Miss Pattycake, a plan was hatched for adding Super D a face.
 Nurse Pattycake insisted that Super D needed "1 or 3 eyes...and fangs with her smile".  So that's what she got.  I had to break out my needleworking skills for this.  I used embroidery floss for the face, in case you are wondering.
I tried (a tad unsuccessfully, I might add) to outline the emblem on Super D's chest.  It looks "ok".  But not the fabulous that I was aiming for.
Now...I'm making Super D's cape.  After all, how can you be a Super D without a cape???

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