Saturday, August 24, 2013

Yarning Around...

I don't have a lot of time this morning to share "every single thing" that I want to, so I'm just doing a quick post of the yarn projects I've either finished or have worked on this past month during my absence.  Some of these will be free patterns that I will add sometime next week.
 A crocheted armchair for my phone.  Little Ty confiscated it.
By the way, I detest this photo.  *sigh*
 The charity blanket that I donated for a fundraiser.
My arthritic fingers still hurt after making this.  I had to do it "quick".  It took less than a week, from the graphing to the finishing.  The graphing was the worst part, with my bad eyesight.
 The baby blanket for Olivia (she will arrive in November).  Olivia will be my 4th great-niece.  I think.  I will have to do some figuring on this.
 A WIP.  I'm still working on the Camo Knitted Baby Blanket.  But it's growing some every now and then.
And then....sweet, little Persimmon.  Made for a friend, at her request.  She was transported to her new home, via my mom and my sister, Lea Ann.  However, I do not know if she's actually been "delivered" yet.
So...those are the yarn projects I have worked on in the last month.

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