Thursday, August 29, 2013

Crocheted Cell Phone Armchair - Stash Buster Project

I wanted to make one of the knitted cell phone armchairs but didn't feel like trying to knit it since I'm not that great of a knitter.  So...I sat down and worked one up that is crocheted.
 This is the finished product.  It's a horrible photo.  I admit it.  My nephew, Little Ty, took it from me and claimed it as his own.
 This is the beginning of the project.  I used these two small balls of yarn out of my yarn stash.  And I used a size G crochet hook.
 The armchair while in progress.
 The finished "tube".
I didn't have foam pellets or whatever...but I did have beans.  So that's what I used to stuff it.
I tried writing down the pattern but ended up getting sidetracked, so I'll make another one and write it down this time.

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