Thursday, August 29, 2013

Craft Day

A couple of weeks ago, Gumdrop and Pattycake came over and spent the day with me and we had a "Craft Day".  Both girls love to craft and so does Aunt Shelly.  I found each and every one of the crafts we did on Pinterest.
 Gumdrop is painting bobby pins with some fingernail polish.  She was making fancy bobby pins for her hair.
 Pattycake is learning how to braid.  We were making anklets with beads on them.
 Gumdrop is making a circle woven necklace.
 Both girls....enjoying a bit of a break on my front porch.
 We even had an "at home" spa treatment in the afternoon.  We did pedicures.
 Look at those sparkly toes!!!
And here is a couple of anklets I made for myself.

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