Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekly Highlights

Gosh, what a week it's been!
 I've managed to sneak in some crochet time though.  But not much.  I've started working on the squares for the True Blood Water Lily blanket again.  I did have 20 of them complete, and as of last night, my current count is 33 finished squares.  I'm thrilled.  Truly.  I'm hoping that I will only need 48 squares, but the pattern calls for 63, so we'll see.  Once I get 48 of them, I will place them all out on the floor and see how big it is.  Then I'll go from there.
 We got a new umbrella at the pool.  To cover the lifeguard stand from the direct sunlight.  It's fabulous!  Much bigger than the previous one.  Big C is posing with it, so you can get the full effect.
 Small T and Hannah, the Asst. Mgr. at the pool, made Eggless Cookie Dough one night after work.  They really needed to eat some cookie dough.  Both were either stressed or suffering from PMS.  The recipe can be found here  I tried it and honestly, it's great!  In fact, I had several spoons of it.
 As I've mentioned previously, Small T has obtained her driver's permit.  With that, comes several other lessons, such as learning to pump gas.  She seems eager to learn, so that's a good thing.  In fact, she was like "do you think I could pump the gas" with a big grin on her face.  :)  LOL  One day, she will hate when it's pouring down rain or extremely cold and snowy.  But while she's thrilled with doing it, I'm letting her have some fun while learning at the same time.
 My first set of company this week was Baby E and her mom.  I didn't realize that we just don't have any toys around the house for a 1 year old.  We will definitely have to rectify that situation soon.  Big C did go downstairs and search through his stuff and found Trusty, his faithful beanie toy and companion from when he was little.  Trusty is about 15 years old, if I figured right.  He's currently sitting on the side table in the living room, waiting for Baby E to come back for another visit.
 We received notification that one of Small T's photos was chosen to go to the State Fair.  Big C and I lobbied hard for Small T to choose this photo as one of her three that she was entering.  And look what happened, it was chosen to be her best AND to be shown in Sedalia over the next few coming weeks.  I hope it does well there too!
 My third set of company this week arrived simply because their camper broke down between their home and my home.  They are on their way to Sturgis, SD for the big bike rally.  Big Daddy fixed the camper the next morning and off they went.  But things didn't go well, as they only made it 165 miles and then their Harley pick-up truck broke down (it was pulling the camper).  But, I'm told, that they finally made it to SD even though they were a day late.  This is one of my sister's, her husband, and two of their kids, plus Small T with her face covered up by a hand.  This was their "silly" photo.
 This photo says so many things....
First... Big C is a real man....he offered to carry our shopping bags.  What a guy!  Second...I think he was getting tired of shopping and if he carried the bags, we might hurry up some.  Third...we spent too much time in Journey's as we have more than one bag from there.  LOL
And my last photo says it's been quite a week.  Big C did survive the back-to-school shopping even though he's letting Small T take this crazy photo!

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