Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pink Camo Squares

I'm currently working on my next toddler blanket.  
I'm using the same pattern as I did for the other 2 blankets.  Just switching up the yarn colors.
For this one, the yarn for the center squares is Pink Camo.
I finished up the 20th, and final square, last night and now I'm ready to start adding the 2nd color.  But I've totally screwed up.  The pink yarn I bought does NOT match.  OMG!!!!!  REALLY!!!!!  So I've did a bit of mucking around and thinking about it and have decided to use the brown color instead.  *sigh*  This means I need to make another trip soon to find a pink yarn that will work.  Oh well, I love buying new yarn! So there's a plus side to the down side.  LOL

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