Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Preview - True Blood Water Lily Blanket

I finished square #48 last night.
I was hoping that 48 squares would make it big enough for my sister's water bed.
I think it will.
I just couldn't see making another 15 squares.
I'm tired of it.
But I think this is stunning all laid out like this.
I have my first strip sewn together.
Now I just have to sew the rest of the strips, then sew them together and put on an edging.
I'm on the home stretch!!!!!!!!!
I'm sooooo happy!


  1. This is beautiful..I love it..I am curious about your previous did you ever find yarn that cheap..good find..have a great day

  2. husband stopped at one of the Wal-Marts last weekend and found it. We then went by 2 other Wal-Marts this week and found the rest that had been marked down to $1.50.
    And thanks in regards to the blanket.