Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Yes, I've been MIA yet again. This time, however, I was away for four wonderful days for one of my sisters' weddings. The sister that got married is sister #3. I'm sister #2 out of the 6 sisters. I'm sure our only brother loves being known as brother #1 which in effect, isn't fair since he's the only one. LOL Anyway, we left Friday after the kids got out of school and headed out to southern Missouri. After a 4 hour drive, we arrived to sister #3's pre-wedding party which was also a party for (her) ex-husband #1's birthday. Sounds like a soap opera, doesn't it? But in effect, ex-husband #1 is still friends with her and especially her newest husband (husband #3). Is any of this making sense? Cause I'm starting to confuse myself. LOL
The wedding ceremony was an outdoor affair. The previous evening, it stormed horribly through the night. I wasn't sure what we were going to find when the sun rose. But in the end, it turned out ok. The muddy patches were filled with straw so no one would fall and the long dresses came out fairly unscathed.
This is a photo of me and Small T after the ceremony. I was a bridesmaid. Imagine. One of many (7). I apologize to all those that were expecting a different dress on me. This is not the dress originally spoke about. Changes were afoot!!!
All in all, the wedding weekend was a great success! We got to see a lot of people we hadn't seen in awhile plus meet a lot of new people as well.


  1. i thought so too! the wedding ended up being lovely! i especially loved the flowers. i think i should add a photo of them here.