Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bucksaw Resort and Marina - Fishing Trip

This past weekend (Labor Day Weekend), Big Daddy, Big C and I went on a fishing holiday. Big Daddy said it was for his upcoming birthday. (sigh...this is his normal excuse...and it's a couple of weeks until his birthday...so...we bucked up and went...those of us that could.) We went to Bucksaw Resort and Marina on Truman Lake. This is a favorite place of ours, so it was a good trip to go on. We try to make it there at least once a year. And we were needing to go soon anyway so we could look up some info on possibly having our family reunion there in 2012.

This is one of the coves we stopped in for some fishing.

This is a photo of the main building ... the Marina and Restaurant. The water is exceptionally low this year, so ...that makes the building sit lower in the water.

Big C fishing out of the driver's seat on the boat.

Big Daddy fishing off the front of the boat.

"Me"...sitting back enjoying the ride on the boat. Yes, it was very cool that day and I do indeed have a sweatshirt on. Big C wanted my sweatshirt incredibly bad as he was freezing. But he wouldn't wear something that I had on anyway. It has booby marks in it. (imagine....)
Here are the fishing totals for the weekend:
Big C - 10 fish
Big Daddy - 7 fish
Me - 0...yep...zero.
Biggest Fish caught - Big Daddy
Smallest Fish caught - Big C
First fish caught - Big C
We always make bets before we starting the fishing trip and assign rewards. Needless to say...I got nothing. *sigh* Not even a bit of beginner's luck. And no...I'm not a beginner, but I was hoping anyway.
Noteworthy Event for the weekend- We ate all of our meals in the marina's floating restaurant. They have HUGE pancakes. The pancakes are bigger than the dinner plate and about half an inch thick each. Wow! Yep! Wow! So imagine...they have the Hungry Man challenge which is 3 pancakes for $5.99. If you can eat the entire plate of pancakes you get them free. They had almost talked Big C into it and then he chickened out. I knew he couldn't do it, but I would have let him try if he wanted. So...for our family, at the upcoming reunion in 2012, this challenge will provide immense comic relief. Look out Bucksaw!

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