Thursday, September 15, 2011

Road Trip Sunday - Part 1

Sunday, we went road-tripping.

We headed to Kirksville, Missouri. It's about an hour and 45 minute drive for us.

Our first stop was "Hibbett's" to buy Small T a pair of basketball shoes. $118 later, she is sporting a new pair of red and white ones. They were the only shoes in the building in her size. Highway robbery! I still can't believe it!

Big Daddy, Big C and I went out to visit Thousand Hills State Park.

We decided to have a picnic lunch at one of the shelter houses. While we were there, I was visited by this lovely little friend. I don't know if it's a moth or a butterfly.

At the end of the day, we picked up Small T. She spent a few hours visiting her boyfriend, Slim C, and one of his friends. Big C had to get in the photo as well. :)

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