Saturday, September 17, 2011

Christmas Stocking #1 (Lea's Clan)

Late last night, I finished up the first Christmas stocking for my sister Lea's clan. This one will either be hers or her soon-to-be new husband's. They are both huge "Harley" fans and wanted a black and orange stocking. For their household, I will need a total of 9 stockings. So, I wanted to get started on them fairly quickly. Besides, I always have lots of projects I want to do for the holidays and if I'm stuck doing something for someone else, then I can't get my own items done. I used Red Heart worsted weight yarn in the colors Black and Pumpkin. I also used a K crochet hook. This is the free pattern link .


  1. way cool! stockings are a great idea, grins,d ebra

  2. i like them too! it's something that you'll always have as well.