Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hat Fest Going On....

I've got a Hat Fest going on right now. I'm trying to get my stock of them finished up for the craft booth I'm having the first weekend in October.

I'm trying out something new with this little hat. I'm making toddler sized slouchy hats. I wasn't going to, but Small T said I should.'s the first one.

This is a comparison of the toddler sized slouchy hat versus the teen sized slouchy hat. I don't have a toddler around to try it on, so I'm hoping it's the right size.

Small T is modeling the black slouchy hat I made yesterday.

Small T is also modeling the grey heather slouchy hat I finished up yesterday (but started the day before). She was somewhat reluctant to model these at the time, but she came out of it fairly quick. She loves taking her picture. LOL