Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baby Earflap Hats

Brick and Black Simply Soft yarn.

Off White and Watermelon Simply Soft yarn.
I made these two yesterday. They work up extremely fast!


  1. Hi Shelly
    I am trying very hard, to find your final pattern for the slouchy hats. I found the original but you said you did a few alterations to it. Did you ever post the final pattern that was working for you? To fit an adult. I have searced through months of posts but can't find it. Can you help? thanks

  2. Jen, check out the blog entry titled "Slouchy Hats" on June 28th. It will tell you the pattern I used and how I switched it up. If you still have questions after that, I'll be happy to break it down even farther. I repeated row 3 once (work this row two times total) then did 4 rows of sc instead of 3.

  3. Nothing on that date about slouchy hats and I have checked your page with the links and nt there. Sorry to be a nuisance

  4. awww, i can see the babes now!

  5. Jen, you aren't being a nuisance. Here's the pattern I use. .
    Follow the pattern. Work Row 3 twice. Then keep following the pattern until you get to the rows of sc. Do four of these rows instead of three. Then keep following the pattern. That's what I do. Does this make sense?

  6. Jen, I apologize. The entry was in July not June. July 28th to be exact. Under slouchy hats. Sorry.