Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Children's Earflap Hats

I hope you enjoy the photo collage of children's earflap hats (seen below). I've been working on these the past few days (while at work) and since they are for children, I had to go hunt me up some models before I could post photos of them. I actually made 6 hats, but somehow I only ended up with 5 hats in the photos. Hmmm...wonder how that happened! LOL These are the same pattern as my adult or teen earflap hats, minus one row of increasing. FYI- yes, you've seen these models before...they are Pattycake and Sassy!


  1. thank you! my models were very cooperative and i had to tone them down a couple of times too. pattycake was doing the catwalk for me. she's been watching too much America's Next Top Model. LOL both girls are super cute, in my opinion.