Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Road Trip

We arrived home last night after a weekend road trip to visit one of my sisters and her family. It was a long trip (4 hours one way) but worth getting to see everyone. The photos that I'm sharing are of "Bo" their Boxer. He's hilarious! When he wags his tail, his whole body wags with it. The other photo is of the kids. In fact, not all of the kids are pictured. But, these five consist of my two youngest and my sisters three youngest. The two oldest kids (one of mine and one of hers) aren't shown.

The guys spent Saturday at Bass Pro doing some shopping for the summer activities of boating and fishing. The girls spent Saturday shopping for bridesmaid dresses. That didn't go so well. Five women to please and fit dresses to and just a few months left until the wedding. The final result is that there still aren't any dresses picked out. *sigh*

In the end, we had some great food and some great visiting time with each other. Our times of meeting up are usually short and sweet because we seldom have much time to see each other.

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