Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another Loopy Purse

I started another Loopy Purse on Wed. evening before our early start to the hospital in Kansas. However, I made a huge OOPS! I kept telling myself that I would use two colors that I hadn't done yet, and that gave me a lot of colors to choose from, but no.....I just had to pick out the same two colors as the previous one! DUH!!!! I swear, I wasn't thinking clearly! I was going to use anything other than the pink. *sigh* Oh well. I guess it won't hurt to have two of them. Anyway, I still think it turned out nicely. I finished it up last night while vegging out on the couch for some much needed relaxation time.


  1. I love this bag - very cute. :)

  2. thank you. i found that my two visiting nieces, pattycake and sassy, liked the granny stripe boutique bags better though. however, they did enjoy the look and feel of this bag too. kinda makes me wonder if i should make any more of these. :(