Sunday, May 22, 2011


I haven't worked on my "knitting" in quite awhile. Since I'm in a crochet "slump", I decided to pick up my needles for a bit. I worked on adding some rows, then "knitting two together", then on getting my tension right. I find that I want to hold onto the needles with a death grip. Plus, I want to use my fingertips to guide the needles through the stitches. So, I'm making myself NOT do that. It's hard to keep my fingers away from there! Plus, by the time I finally got my hands to relax a bit, my pinkie fingers were killing me. I have quite a bit of practicing to go before I master this part of it. I think I have the knit stitch down pat, it's just all the rest of it that goes with it. Hopefully soon, I will be able to try the "purl" stitch. I need to get my confidence up, I think. It helps that I've found a lovely hat pattern that is knitted. Now I just need to get the right needles or circular needles that it calls for.

*by the way....Pepper just had to be in the photo! he kept pulling on my needles until i finally gave in and turned the knitting around so that they would both be featured. lol*

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