Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kid's Crown

Alas! I have no small children! What to do....what to do....what to do. Have Pepper stand in! That's what! :) Doesn't he look cute? And such a good model too!

I used this pattern , Red Heart yarn in Hot Pink or something like that, and an I hook. I should have used the H hook like specified, but I was being lazy. I think this is a cute pattern and the points would have probably stood up better with the smaller hook size.


  1. in red~heart, i think it's called "pretty n pink" and your baby certainly is!

  2. thanks debra! he's a good model sometimes! lol

  3. he's my precious little doggie! i thought he made a good impromptu model too! lol thanks for the color name. i appreciate it.